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Bull Run District Merit Badge Day

Posted on Apr 14 2015 - 10:03am

Interested Scouts should email Bob Claessen (gclaessen@olddominionerectors.com) and Vince Bonifera (vinceb321@yahoo.com) their first and second choices by 5pm Sunday or tell them at the Swim Test on Sunday.  They want to get an initial group signed up by Sunday evening.

Here are the options that are not full as of this evening:

All day 9am-3pm
    Citizenship in the World (CW2)
    Electricity (ELECT)
    Emergency Preparation (EPREP)
    Search and Rescue (SAR)
    Space Exploration (SPEX)

Morning 9-11:30am
    Dog Care (DOG-AM)
    Entrepreneurship (ENTR-AM)
    Geneology (GENEO-AM)
    Scouting Heritage (SCTHER-AM)

When:  Saturday, April 18th, 2015
From:  7:45 am to 3:00 pm
Where: Stonewall Middle School

Website:  http://www.ncacbsa.org/events/event_details.asp?id=621344&group

It was requested that only one Point of Contact do the registrations for the Troop, so use the website to research the merit badge opportunities, and let Bob or Vince know your choices and they will do the registrations for everyone.  Participation at this event is by registration only - No walk-ins.

Please click on the links for the merit badges you are interested in, as there may be some additional fees and/or pre-requisites, etc., and also to make sure the content is the right fit for your scout.

Also, if you are open to multiple options for each session, let them know that as well (in order of preference) so they can get you in if your 1st choice is not available.

There will also be a sign up for Merit Badge Day at the April 13th Troop meeting.  Anyone that wants to go and cannot make the meeting should contact Bob Claessen (gclaessen@olddominionerectors.com) or Vince Bonifera (vinceb321@yahoo.com) by 5pm on April 15.

Payment is due when you sign up - $6 per scout for one or both sessions. Some Merit Badges may be more due to materials costs as noted on the District website.  Payments should be given to Bob Claessen or Vince Bonifera.  Make checks payable to: Bob Claessen or Troop 1195.

Adults interested in taking the free course on Merit Badge Counselor Training need to register for that event on the District website.

Used Scout Shirts, Hats, and Gear

Posted on Apr 14 2015 - 10:02am

Do you have any Scout Shirts, Hats, and/or other gear that has been outgrown or is no longer being used?  Please donate any clean and serviceable Scout Shirts, Hats, and/or other gear to the Troop.

Summer Camp Fees - Payment Required by April 13th

Posted on Apr 14 2015 - 10:02am

Summer Camp Fees must be paid by April 13, 2015, for Scouts and Adults who are planning on attending Summer Camp at Camp Rock Enon, July 12-18, 2014.  Payments must be made in full.  Fees for T-shirts and Hats must be included with your payment.  Please make checks payable to Troop 1195.

Summer Camp Fees Due to Troop:
    - Resident Camp Scouts = $295
    - Resident Camp Adult Leaders = $65
    - Pinnacle Ridge Runners Scouts & Adults = $330
    - Camp T-Shirt = $15
    - Camp Hat = $15

Please note that April 6th is a Patrol Leaders Council (i.e., No General Troop Meeting), but payments can still be dropped off if desired.

Swim Test for Summer Camp & Swimming for Rank Advancement, Sunday, April 12th

Posted on Apr 11 2015 - 11:07pm

Location:  Manassas Park Community Center
                99 Adams Street
                Manassas Park, VA 20111-2395

When: Sunday, April 12th, 1:00pm - 3:00pm

The swim test is for all scouts, and will be given on Sunday, April 12th at Manassas Park Community Center from 1:00pm - 3:00pm.  The purpose of the swim test is so the scouts don't have to do it at Summer Camp.

Also, any scout who is not first class will be given the opportunity to complete any swim related requirements.  

If a scout is not comfortable swimming, we have some swim team Scouts lined up to assist in lessons.

If a Scout does not feel he could complete the test, please come early for lessons.

Contact Bob Marks, if you have any questions or need additional information.

Mulch Delivery Fundraiser - Saturday, April 11th, 7:00am

Posted on Apr 9 2015 - 11:18am

Our annual mulch delivery fundraiser is this Saturday, April 11th.  We will meet at 7:00 am at the Benton Middle School parking lot.

Be aware, there is another group doing mulch in the Coles parking lot, so make sure to come up to the Benton lot, don’t give them your free labor.  This fundraiser pays the entire fee for whitewater rafting, half of the deep sea fishing, all other camp fees, equipment and possibly a new trailer.

Due to the Scouts hard work, we have sold a record amount of mulch for 2015.  Even with this, I feel we can be done by 1:00 pm if everyone participates.

Here are a few things that we need:

Mulch Fundraiser

Posted on Apr 5 2015 - 12:52am

Sell to your neighbors!!!

Proceeds help fund climbing, rappelling, rafting and service projects.  Scouts and parents are encouraged to handout fliers and/or email them to friends and neighbors.  Mulch is easy to sell because most home owners buy it.  We need you to let your friends and neighbors know that we are selling mulch, so they will buy it from Troop 1195.

The attached flier can be personalized by adding your scouts name(s) in the blank provided.

Orders must be received with full payment no later than April 6, 2015.

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